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1-2 June 2019 brings the best jousting knights in the world today to Lardner Park in Warragul, Victoria for the The World Jousting Championship.

Competitors from as far as way as France, Germany, England, Norway, Canada, Russia and featuring a strong team from Australia, including current WJC champion Phil Leitch.

The World Jousting Championship is the culmination of a circuit including the European, Russian and Australian Qualifiers.

Brutal and spectacular, come and see shining steel armour and real knights go at it with thundering hooves, steel armour and splintering lances in this ‘original extreme sport’.

The WJC is supported by a grant from the Victorian State Government, Latrobe Valley Authority and Baw Baw Council.

This family-friendly event will transport you back to the Middle Ages as you wander through the historical village.

Other amazing attractions include a trebuchet (giant medieval catapult), birds of prey display, archery, kid’s knight school and much more.

  • “The World Jousting Championship isn’t just for show. It is THE original extreme sport. Each competitor is world class, coming from France, Netherlands, Norway, Canada, Russia and of course Australia.”


Jousting as it practiced within the WJC is a direct analogue of a brutal and spectacular 15th century tournament.

The equipment worn by the competitors is no different from real medieval armour. The horses are highly trained war mounts. The lances are 3.6 metres of solid pine tipped with a 3-pronged steel spear tip.

Both competitors gallop toward each other separated by a wooden barrier called a tilt to aid in protecting the horse and strike each other from the bottom of the shield to the top of the helmet in order to smash their lances.

The combined speed is about 40 kmh and the result is an absolute train wreck.

The WJC will be won by the absolute best and most skilled knight alive today!

Stay tuned to see who will fight for the honour of being crowned World Jousting Champion.

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