The village is an amazing and immersive experience. Wander around at your leisure and see life as it was in medieval western europe from the dark ages to the renaissance..

Reenactors from Australia’s highest quality groups will gather and set up their encampments. You will learn by both observation and demonstration the skills required to succeed in these simpler times.

Enamelling, tailoring, button making, textiles and remedies and you might also hear about the love life of our Byzantine counterparts. 

For the more warlike we have fighting demonstrations, wrestling and sword demonstrations amongst many other things.

The Groups


Dubh Linn Garrison – New Varangian Guard
NVG Dubh Linn portraying the arts, crafts and combat culture of the Norse colonists whose settlement created modern day Dublin, Ireland. Members represent Norse emigrants, natives of Ireland, locals of mixed descent or traders from the ninth to the eleventh centuries. 

The Jomsborgarlag Sudhird- Jomsvikings Australia
Based in Melbourne and are a living history community with the aims to be historically accurate in the portrayal of Eastern Viking traders and mercenaries based around the Rus region between the periods of 950AD-1050AD

Magnuara Garrison – New Varangian Guard
Members of the Guard attempt to learn about the lifestyle of these peoples by study and reconstruction of the materials and practices of the period. Focusing on the lives and lifestyles of the Varangian peoples, mercenaries and guardsmen living and working within the city of Constantinople between 1040 – 1090AD.

Miklagard Garrison – New Varangian Guard
From Ashfield, Sydney and portray the Varangian Guard in the period 900CE to 1100CE. The Varangian Guard were the Byzantine Emperors elite guard and one of the earliest permanent paid fighting forces in history. 

Rusland Garrison – New Varangian Guard
Rusland recreates the Varangian Guard, the Imperial Byzantine army and it’s associated allies for the period 1160-1250 AD. This is a period of great turmoil for the Empire, with many conflicts on all fronts.

Vlachernai Garrison – New Varangian Guard
Vlachernai (based in Melbourne) is the founding Garrison of the New Varangian Guard, a non-profit world wide organization, and the oldest dark age re-enactment group in the southern hemisphere. The original Varangian Guard where an elite mercenary guard drawn mainly from the Vikings and other European cultures spanning a period ranging from the 9th to 13th centuries AD.

Wessex Viking Age Re-enactment
Is a small 9th/10th century living history group based in East Melbourne. The group’s focus is traditional skills and handcrafts of the era, such as woodworking, stone carving and rope making.

Companie Draco Routiers
From Brisbane, Companie Draco Routiers is a late 14th century living history group based on a mercenary company that draws its origins from the exile Saxon nobles of Kingdom of Wessex. As such it uses the fallen kingdom’s heraldry of the golden Wyvern on a red field. 

Company of the Staple
Are a Sydney group, re-enacting life in the English-held French city of Calais in 1376, during the Hundred Years War. Members cover portrayals from knights and merchants through to artisans and commoners, recreating combat, cooking and a number of traditional textile works. 

Company of the Tavern
is a group inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales”. Chaucer lived in the late 14th century, and brought the English language fame by writing about and for the everyday person. 

from Brisbane, depicts the life & times of nobility during the turbulent period of 1300 – 1325 when the English crown fought to subdue the Scots, the Welsh and their own rebellious Barons.

Free Companies
Interested in the activities of the various mercenary companies of the 14th and 15th century, and their enemies and allies, the Free Companies objectives are to portray members of various Free Companies, participate and sponsor Living History events, to participate in public displays that teach people about the past and to have fun.

Glyndwr Rising
Are a late 14th Century Living History who portray the many cultures and influences of the Welsh rebellion under the command of Owain Glyndwr during the English occupation of wales. 

Are the 14thC contigency of the group Einherjar based in East Hills, Sydney. Join them as they demonstrate middle class Italian life in the late 14th century. 

Juvenis of Accendo Sarcalogos, (JOAS),
Youths of the Illuminated Christ, is a living history reenactment group whose focus is the historical depictions of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. 

Knights Order of the Lion Rampant
Is a Brisbane based group dedicated to recreating the spectacle and excitement of high medieval tournament. Since 1991, Lion Rampant has developed an enthusiastic following. 

Medieval Archery Society
Are based in Sydney and portray an English mercenary company in France circa 1365. The main focus of the group is historical archery, but they have members with a wide ranging and diverse set of skills.  

Pilgrims of Canterbury
Are group of varying levels of society of the 14th Century travelling the well worn path to known Holy sites to seek divine help, blessings or guidence. 

Rosalie’s Medieval Woman
Rosalie explores the lives of everyday, merchant and noble women in the 14th century. The Tailor’s Workshop is an interactive display of 14th century tailoring with samples of fabrics and reproduction tools and clothing

Is a reenactment group with an emphasis on combat throughout history, however they do not limit themselves only to the warrior lifestyle. They also actively encourage their members to try to find ways to accurately portray the part of history which they like. 

Company of the Phoenix
Is a medieval living history group based in Brisbane. The company recreates the High Medieval period, as a free company travelling through the cities and states of Europe, during the years 1435-1485. 

Company of St Christopher
Is dedicated to reenactment of the late 15th Century of Europe, specifically within lands of Catholic faith between 1450 and 1500. To achieve this, it has taken on the guise of a Tournament company travelling between cities competing in local tournaments so that it might add acclaim to its name and glory to its combatants.


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